The Diffuser Finishes can be described as Strong, Warm and Delicate. The silks and papers are fused with either a fine silk organza or a film of polycarbonate to add body and strength. The diffusers are tough and flexible, heat-resistant, damp-spongeable, and surface treated to maintain freshness.

Samples available on request.


Kozo and Kasuri
Both produced by hand from the inner bark of the paper mulberry tree, these acid-free japanese papers have been made and used in lantern making for over 1300 years. Kozo is bleached almost white, while the Kasuri is natural with flecks of darker bark. The paper mulberry regenerates annually.

Lama Li
Similarly made, outdoors and by hand, from the long and luxurious fibers of the daphne plant, the Lama Li paper is less refined and more varied in texture than the Japanese papers. Daphne, also known as Lokta, is a shrub which grows wild in the mountains of Nepal and is harvested after a few years growth.

Silk is the strongest natural fiber and competes with steel yarn in tensile strength.

Duppioni is a pure silk with an irregular weave and random slubs. It has an almost rustic look to it but its crispness and sheen give an elegant formality to the finished product.

Pongee is a pure silk in a plain weave from the cocoons of wild silkworms.