Kozo Lighting

About the company
Founders Victoria Erwin and Paul Jones first joined company in the architectural design and construction of buildings and interiors in and around Seattle. They continue their 20 year collaboration with the design and production of interior lighting fixtures, and have moved headquarters to Anderson Island, not far from Seattle. The fixtures are in their native Northwest Style, the celebrated local style of architecture defined as clean in line, subtle, neutral in palette, devoid of excess detail.

The name kozo pays homage to the eponymous japanese handmade paper, the beauty of which provides continued inspiration.

Each fixture is made by hand in the studio on the island.

About the products
Fixtures are made of solid brass, finished in either an oil rubbed bronze patina or nickel plated. Except for the ones made of stainless, chrome or nickel plated steel, and/or white powder-coated steel. There is a distinct difference.

Diffusers are either A) Silk or paper fused to a polycarbonate back or B) Layered Polycarbonate. They are not interchangable. Both are heat resistant with good light transmission and cleanable. The silk or paper diffusers are damp spongeable and the polycarbonate ones are washable with water.

Each fixture is guaranteed to be free of defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year. During this time the fixture will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

Parts & Service are offered. Fixtures may be sent in for repair, refinish, rewire, rework, etc. upon our approval, with provenance, and at the owner's expense. Replacement parts are available.

Currently fixtures come standard with sockets for incandescent bulbs, which may also be used with compact flourescent bulbs. GU-24 sockets may be specified as an option; these sockets take only fluorescent bulbs. As options and technology advance, additional lamping solutions will be offered, leaving open the possibility that current fixtures may be able to be retrofitted.

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